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In the past 12 years , we have regularly consulted patients with repeatedly failed IVF cycles from the prominent IVF centers in India and abroad, finally achieving a positive result of natural conception with Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy Assisted Reproductive Treatment ( HART) gently stimulates the natural processes in male and female reproduction system to help your own body correct the imbalances and repair the natural conception process.

As we complete more than a decade in practice, we have built an online platform with a cutting edge technology and multi-layered security to replicate the same experience that a patient gets when visiting Welling Clinic in Mumbai. Our team of doctor will deliver the same quality online,  for which we have won accolades internationally especially the prestigious quality management award in International Quality Convention, Geneva for 2012.

HART protocol from Welling Clinic is a non-invasive & a natural alternative to IUI and IVF, that has proven to be extremely effective for close to a decade at Welling Clinic.  HART protocol is very effective in tackling various causes of infertility in both male and female. Compared to conventional treatments, both hormonal and artificial insemination, HART protocol has a far better success rate.

Now get the benefits of HART Protocol anywhere in the world through our online consultation platform. We have implemented the latest security features and intelligent online technology to offer our unique treatment protocol in the comfort of your house and that is totally secured.

Our on-line platform for the consultation, analysis & treatment for infertility offers a customized program suitable for online consultation.

Each cycle of HART protocol includes the following:
  • Each cycle of HART includes 6 months of medication & consultation.
  • In-depth study: Collection of your case-details and case history through a specially designed questionnaire to be filled in online.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the case-details to know the root cause, by a team of specialists consisting of experienced Homeopathic  consultants on panel.
  • Authentic Homeopathic medications which are prescribed for you by our experts will be sent to you through Registered Indian Post.
  • Medications will be sent for 2 months at one time. Total medication included in each cycle of HART being 6 months.
  • Monthly Evaluation will be made by our doctors depending on our pre-fixed parameters.
  • Online support will be valid for 6  months after initial consultation.
  • Online support as and when needed is available 5 days in a week through video chat, email and phone, with prior appointment.

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Step 2. Choose your preference and fill the form. You can then complete the payment formalities by credit card / debit card / net-banking, as suitable. The treatment cost is mentioned below.

Step 3. Fill in the detailed pre-treatment form specially designed to customize our treatment protocol for you. You will receive a link to our specially designed online pre-treatment history form.

Step 4. Receive the Welling HART customized medicine for you, by special post delivery anywhere in the world.

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